Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our server is back! And more!

Hey people! Our server is back! You just have to send your score again to our leaderboards!
We also released a small update to Oniken. It's the 1.81 update. This update fixes some small issues in mission7.

We're moving on to our next project. In fact we have 2 new games in production.
We still didn't have time to make  lots of stuff so it's too early to release something however on of them is already running and working.

Oh and none of them is Oniken 2 hahahaha.

"Hum... It's shining... This should be good!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our server is down.

Hey everyone!
We had problems with our server  yesterday and the leaderboards funcion is down until we fix it.
We hope fix it pretty soon but we don't know if the data is still in one piece so please, keep your save files safe. Maybe you guys need to upload your score again.
We sorry for this problem.