Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey everyone! I´m here to say that this weekend I fixed the score system, finished the ending cutscene and the new credits screen!
Everything is going well and my friend Marco Galvão is making a cool retro style PDF instruction booklet for Oniken!
There is also a new main theme for the tittle screen made by Thommaz Kauffmann.


Now I´m trying to finish up the rest of the cutscenes.  Some of them will take some time to finish, like the briefing  room where the heroes receive information about upcoming missions.

*lineart of the briefing room

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fixing the score system.

These last 3 days were a pain in the ass. I discovered lots I mean LOTS of problems in the score system. I´m rebuilding the entire thing... I also discovered lots of minor bugs playing the entire game over and over.
It is sad to say that but the scores at the beta version  that you guys have earned will become useless from now on due to all this modifications in score system.
Please continue to send me feedback about problems and bugs. Thanks!

Check out this new teaser:

*music by Thommaz Kauffmann