Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year explanation

Hello folks! Some wrong info was published about Oniken in Portuguese so here is a disclaimer [in Portuguese] about it.

Olá pessoal! Gostaríamos de esclarecer um mal entendido sobre o ano em que o projeto Oniken foi iniciado.
O jogo Oniken começou a ser produzido no ano de 2010 porém alguns sites publicaram matérias afirmando que a produção havia sido iniciada em 2005.

O que aconteceu foi uma confusão com um projeto antigo que foi sim iniciado em 2005 porém foi cancelado no mesmo ano. Desde então entre 2005 e 2010 não haviamos produzido nada, apenas idéias e desenhos conceituais baseadas no antigo projeto que deu origem ao Oniken que está sendo produzido hoje.

Espero que isso ajude a esclarecer os fatos.

Obrigado a todos pela apoio.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oniken in UOL Jogos!

Hey guys! Thank´s to you all, Oniken have been featured in a lot of places lately! So, we decide to unity all these precious reviews on our new section: Press! Just check it out!
Also, this week, Oniken has been on one of the biggest Brazil´s videogames sites, Uol Jogos! Thanks, André Kawaguchi!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stage 5-2 completed!

Hey everyone I finally finished stage 5-2! And I´m already working on Stage 5-3.
Stage 5-3 will feature the most dangerous foe in this game, his name is Hakhan, the man who almost killed Zaku 10 years ago. Now it is time for revenge!

Gameplay footage from stage 5-2:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oniken new beta version!

Hey everyone!

While I´m still working on new stages, I still spare some time to improve parts of the game that were already done. This time, I made lots of fixes and tweaks on the old stages and in the game itself. That´s why I have decided to put an updated beta version to public download.
I didn´t put any of those new stages in it, but I did some updates on mission 1-2 layout in order to fix some balance issues.

I hope that you guys give me some feedback. (I really need it)
If you experience any problem please report me.


*Avaible on Download section.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Zaku vs giant laser beam!!!

I promised that it will burn your head off didin´t I!? So be prepared for the LASER BEAM!
This is the first part of the stage 5-2.

Thais also did the level design for this stage, so it´s all her fault! (except for the laser concept; I convinced her into doing it)